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The indestructible mailbox


Designed to Withstand A Direct Hit

Our Mailboxes are designed as such that it will withstand blunt force. The next time your mailbox gets whacked, why not have one that just keeps coming back?


Indestructible Build

Do you frequently see mailboxes becoming roadside victims? Our mailbox is practically indestructible, no matter how hard it’s hit.


Fits over any 4x4 post

Our vinyl sleeve Mailbox Posts are designed to fit over a standard 4 x 4 inch post. That's it, you’re good to go!


Swing Hinge Mailbox

The patent-pending mailbox post is designed with an outdoor spring hinge that allows it to snap back when hit with snow from a plow, a car mirror or any other direct blow and then return to its position atop a post.

Builder's Classic-Swing Hinge Mailbox & Post

Builder's Classic-Swing Hinge Mailbox & Post


When the mailbox is struck, this model will swing a full 180 degrees and then swing back to its original position.

This model is a sleek white vinyl sleeve and will slide over any 4"x4" post.  The mailbox comes in black and is trimmed with white caps.

The actual mailbox itself is removable and has a standard size mounting bracket underneath that will accommodate most mailboxes. 


Swing Hinge Mailbox

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