About Us

"The Mailbox That Bounces Back" 

“Mailbox King” inventor Gary Celella Jr., got tired of replacing his mailbox after each snow storm had the snowplows damage his mailbox. He came up with this invention after a severe snowstorm had several of mailboxes destroyed in his neighborhood. Ironically, his dad worked for the United States Postal Service for 30 years!

"Our Mission"

To be the leading brand in customizable and indestructible mailboxes on the market.


Snowplow resistant mailbox


He created a mailbox post that’s nearly indestructible, no matter how hard it’s hit. Since Celella is an electrician by trade, it took a while to come up with the best design. The patent-pending mailbox post is designed with an outdoor spring hinge that allows it to snap back when hit with snow from a plow, a car mirror or any other direct blow and then return to its position atop a post.

Gary has since launched MailBox Kings, LLC whose unique mailbox posts with spring hinges have pending patents. He also added hanging and snap on decorations and signs for full customization of a mailbox. 



Spring Hinge Mailbox Kings